Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Timeless Elegance of Antique silver markings

Silver has been used for thousands of years. Dating pieces can prove challenging as markings were not always used. Antique silver is generally thought of to be prior to 1899, but determining if the piece should be labeled as antique is up to each individual dealer and their educated opinion. It also depends on what part of the world you are in. However, the actual antique silver markings, not the relative age, are what determines the value. 

The Oldest Marks Known

The first antique silver markings were established in London, England around 1300. There was a boom in silver production and crafting technology in 1000-1500 AD. As a result of the subsequent high demand, there were several silversmiths who began cutting corners. Their sub-standard work ethic meant they were adding more and more base metals, lowering the purity of silver and still charging the same amount. This angered the reputable craftsman and they decided to do something about it.

As a result, Master Goldsmiths began to design a mark that would denote their unique and honest work. It wasn’t until later on that their initials were used. This is known as the maker’s mark and became official in 1363. Shortly after this trend became implemented as standard policy, another mark was added to maintain identification in 1478. This was the date stamp. Many pieces indicate the date from a single letter to denote the year it was made. The style of the letter was changed once the letters were cycled through. So the letter E may indicate 1880 or it may indicate 1861 (not all the letters were used).

Antique Silver Markings Around the World

As trade became more of a platform for economic growth, new marks were added known as import marks and duty marks. Import marks were implemented in England in 1867 for all foreign made silver. The British Importing Firm stamped the piece as well, a type of makers mark known as a sponsor’s mark because not all countries had implemented silver markings yet. The duty marks were only used temporarily (1784-1890) to track which pieces had been taxed. And all of that is just a glimpse into the complexity of antique silver markings for England where the markings officially began.

The years 4000BC to 1500AD are known as the “Old World Silver” era and England was only a small portion of the silver boom in the last 500 years of that time period. Spain became the main producer on the heels of Greece and Asia-Minor. The time period silver collectors refer to as “New World Silver” covers the years of 1500 to 1875 AD. Mexico, Bolivia and Peru combined unearthed 85% of the world’s silver during that time frame. Even if a collector can identify your piece, it is still a mystery as to where it was unearthed.

Today, the international standard of silver is 925/1000. This means that 92.5% of the piece must contain pure silver. Countries may have their own national standard of the types of base metals used in the remaining percentage, but there will always be a silver marking on pieces that meet or exceed the international standard and to help identify when the silver was transformed into a unique piece you hold in your hands today.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

The humble silver tea set can fetch great value

The one aspect of precious metals that investors always factor in, is the fluctuating price. Not always can one gauge the exact value of a ware made of precious metals like silver. Apart from the obvious weight value, metals like silver also attract historical and emotional values. Especially, if the ware is old and has been in use through generations. In historic times, silver was a prominent metal and was widely used in utensils and daily wares. It is to be noted that theses wares do have significant historical value. Silverwares which are over a century old has been used through generations and thereby have an intangible emotional value attached as well.

Ascertaining the right price for silverware

Putting a price quotient to silverware can be a tricky task. There are too many factors that need to be taken into account to finalize the price that a piece of silverware can yield. It is important to note that different makes of silver are bracketed in different price level. For obvious reasons, sterling silver is more valuable than the plated ones. Purity of silver is also a prime aspect denoting its price. People are often left to wonder how much is a silver tea set worth or the humble silver pen is. A look into the classifieds of silver tea sets for sale will tell one how badly people appraise the real value of their silverware. This is a fallacy that needs to be countered.

Getting the best possible deals with silverware

To ascertain an antique silver tea sets price, one can take help from the professionals. It is to be noted that the silver dealers can also provide fair prices against silverware. The most important aspect before selling is to do a fair appraisal for the silverware. Prof

Why professional consultation is important

Taking into account the tangible and intangible aspects of the whole silverware sets, the professionals can provide the owners a fair picture of the real value of their silver asset. It is also advisable to deal with the whole silverware transaction through authorized and well know silverware dealers. They can help you find the best customer or can also double up as customer themselves.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Where Can You Get The Best Price For Your Antique Silver Tea Set?

Did you just clean up an old storage area in the home only to find an antique silver tea set in it? Do you want to sell the set for cash? Do not go to any silver dealer to do this. Make sure that you approach a reputable antique silver dealer because only they will give you a good price for it.

What Is So Special About Antique Silver Tea Sets?

What make antique silver tea sets different from other items made from silver? The answer to this is the intricate carvings and work that has gone into the piece. You cannot find such pieces made in the market today. Two centuries ago, they were commonly used by Royal and Regal Families. The more elaborate the work, the more beautiful the piece and its value also rises accordingly. So, selling such a tea set to an ordinary silverware dealer will not fetch you the right price.

Authorized Dealers Judge Your Silver Tea Sets On Many Factors 

An authorized dealer in antique silverware will judge the piece on factors such as its history, manufacturer, quantity of silver and craftsmanship. What this implies is that antique silver is not valued based on its silver content alone, but on so many other details. One thing to note about silver item is that they can be Sterling Silver or Sheffield Silver {Silver Plated}. Silver plated tea sets are not as valuable as ones made from Sterling Silver. Still, they will fetch a price depending upon their condition and other factors, but, not a price as high as the sterling silver tea sets. Once again only a 
dealer specializing in such items will give fair price for them.

Another point to note when you have an antique silver tea set for sale, is the number of items that make up the set. A complete set will fetch a higher price than one that has some items missing. A set that has damaged items will fetch a lower price than one in a good condition.  The dealer will check the condition of the tea set before giving you the price that you are expecting for it. 

Get A Good Antique Silver Tea Sets Price By Selling To An Authorized Dealer

Silver has been used for centuries to make items that are needed for everyday activities. You can find it used for trays, bowls and even flatware. However a silver tea set stands apart from other items because of the way in which it is made.  The production of Silver tea sets started in the 18th century, with those made during the Victorian era having particularly beautiful work on them. The glitter of such sets against the light made them wonderful to look at. Many families still have such tea sets which are passed on from one generation to the next. 

If you have such a set that is your prized possession, but, are in need to instant cash then you can sell it at a good price. When you sell it, do not go to the local silver shop to do this. Find a reputable antique silver dealer because they will buy your set at a good price and will carefully maintain it, so you know that the precious item is in good hands. They will not melt the silver down to use it for other purposes. Instead it will be polished and put on display in the shop or passed on to silver collectors who value fine things.